Tiny Tots


Camps ‘R’ Us’ youngest campers enjoy a fun-filled first camp experience that offers a full day of enrichment through specialized activities for 3 and 4 year old boys and girls. Our Tiny Tots program is designed to complement the unique complexities of early childhood.

Campers thrive in an exceptionally supportive camp environment, with an extremely low camper to staff ratio, age appropriate curriculum and an introduction to a wide variety of sports and large motor activities.

Camper-to-Counselor Ratio: 4

Developmental Milestones

During the summer, campers will acquire a greater ability to reason, plan and remember through carefully selected activities designed to enhance their development. As they begin to better understand common social conventions, our staff will initiate games based on cooperative learning experiences, where close group interaction is essential. Athletics are also introduced to support camper’s development of agility, balance and coordination.

Daily Activities

Activities are planned to help campers develop social skills, motor skills and imagination.

In our introductory Arts & Crafts program, campers explore the art of cutting, pasting, sponge and finger painting, play-doh, collage and much more! Hands-on projects include puppets, masks, hats, photo frames and key chains.

Creativity is also expressed through a unique assortment of thematic crafts, based upon special events during the summer. Our campers’ masterpieces are displayed throughout the campus or brought home for their parents’ private art collections!

With our indoor and outdoor athletics program, we introduce campers to activities that will enhance their motor-skill development and movement capabilities.

Daily skill builders and games help campers to build self-confidence in an atmosphere that promotes fun, participation and teamwork. Activities include: Soccer, Tee-Ball, Parachute, Aerobics, Kickball, Pedal Go-Karts, Mini-Basketball, Relay Races and more.

Tiny Tots have built in classroom time, during which they enjoy a variety of play centers. Circle Time is our first activity of the day, and it enables campers to make a smooth transition from home to camp. Circle Time activities include morning greeting, calendar, weather, and a look forward toward upcoming events.

During the camp day, individual and group activities in the classroom include songs, creative movement, games, music, blocks, dress up, kitchen creative, construction zone and story time.

Tiny Tots enjoy recreational swims in the kiddie pools and interactive “Splash Zone” at our off-campus pool facilities.

With customized equipment, including lighter balls, dragon ramps and the “magic” bumpers at the ready, Tiny Tots feel comfortable bowling at our off-campus facilities.

A note about swimming: All Tiny Tots are considered non-swimmers, and as such, must be in water that is less than chest deep. Because our swim program is recreational, Tiny Tots are not assessed for swimming ability or offered instruction. ×

Camps ‘R’ Us off-campus trips take campers to some of the most popular venues on Long Island. Our most recent venues included: Long Island Children’s Museum, Once Upon a Treetop, and Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Camps ‘R’ Us has many traditions that have become part of the fabric of our camp community. We celebrate these special events on various days during the summer, and Tiny Tots participate at a level that is appropriate for their specific age and abilities. These special days augment the daily activity schedule, and are indicated on your campus calendar. Traditions include: Crazy Hat Day, Picture Day, Wild ‘n Wacky Challenge, Color War, Shades’ BIG Shindig, Pinewood Derby and Talent Show.

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