Soccer Clinics

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Soccer Shots®, who will be facilitating educational soccer clinics to our campers, beginning this summer!

Our program includes 6 weeks of instruction from professional Soccer Shots® coaches, featuring a developmentally appropriate curriculum that emphasizes character development and skill building.

Soccer Shots® is the premier Children’s Soccer Experience, and its mission is clear – we aim to positively impact children’s lives.

The program has been created, and is consistently reviewed and updated, under the guidance of childhood education specialists, professional soccer players, and experienced and licensed soccer coaches.

Soccer Clinics are open to all campers in Tiny Tots®, KinderKamp® and 1st & 2nd grade on a first come, first served basis. There will be 20-50 openings per campus in these groups.

Club Soccer, a progressive step forward from the educational clinics, are open to all campers in grades 3 and up. “Club teams” are formed to participate in live games following skill reviews and lead-up activities derived from Soccer Shots® curriculum, led by Camps ‘R’ Us staff.

Soccer Shots® is the premier Children’s Soccer Experience, and its mission is clear – “we aim to positively impact children’s lives.” Local owner/director, Alex Gallego, strongly believes soccer offers children the opportunity to develop their self-esteem while participating in a discipline that requires them to stretch their physical and psychological selves. The game also allows them to work on their social and team-working skills that will become invaluable as these young athletes grow and mature. Fun, however, must remain part of the game and Alex strives at every single soccer session to make sure that his athletes learn the sport while enjoying it.

Soccer Shots Long Island West received the Franchise of Distinction Award for 2016. “We ranked top in the nation for our excellence in communication with our partners and families, implementing our New York State aligned curricula with success to our classes, and training our coaches to perform at a remarkable standard. We strive everyday to exceed our goals and dedicate time and attention to the children, families and schools we serve.”

Soccer Clinic Registration will open April 1, 2017.

32 Responses to “Soccer Clinics”

  1. Alexander Rouzeau

    Please sign my son Alexander Rouzeau for the soccer camp.

    Thank You.

    • Looking forward to working with the camp with the Soccer clinic. I am a professional footballer, coach, trainer and referee. I’m employed in All soccer field and I love working with kids of all ages. 1st grades and up

      • Hi Kofi, we’d love to meet you and discuss a position for the upcoming summer. Please apply at and we’ll see you soon!

  2. Jeanann maguffin

    I would like to sign up for this soccer clinic
    for my daughter Rebecca. She is going into 6th
    grade. She will be attending the farmingdale
    camp. I was unable to register. Kept saying unfamiliar email. I tried everything I could think of
    it is the same email you send all your notices to, my only email. 🙂 please contact me to confirm

    • campsrus

      Hi Jeanann, I think your email address may be incorrect in our database. Give us a call at 516-935-2267 or email We’re happy to help you.

  3. Helena Harris King

    I would like to enroll my son Amare King 1,2 into the Long Island Rough Riders soccer training. Please let me know if there are more openings. He is with the Valley Stream campus.

  4. Zachary Kasyjanski

    Zachary is very interested in the Rough Riders clinic! Please let me know how I can sign him up..

  5. Lydia Edu-Daly

    I would like to enroll my son William Daly age 6 1/2 who will be going into 2nd grade in the fall . He would love to join the CRU Soccer club. please let me know how to enroll. He will be attending the Bellmore Campus starting July 6 for 6 weeks.

  6. Valorie Mancuso

    I am interested in signing gianna up for soccer. Please tell me what I have to do. thank you

  7. Ingrid McClain

    Please tell me how I can enroll my son in the soccer clinic at camps r us.

    Thank you.

  8. Jessenia

    How many days per week and how long are the sessions? I think this is great that you offer this! My daughter will be a part of it as I have signed her up on the account.

    • campsrus

      Hi Jessenia! So glad your daughter signed up! The soccer clinic is scheduled for 5 weekly sessions per campus. Each campus will have sessions on a particular day of the schedule cycle, so the days per week will change each week. Be sure to check in with the staff at your campus for a specific schedule.

  9. lisa conlon

    i would like to sign Jill Conlon up for the soccer clinic but the register now of soccer button just keeps bringing me back to the login page. The link in these replies does the same.

    • campsrus

      Hi Lisa! We’re so glad Jill wants to participate in CRU Soccer. When you’re redirected to log in to CampInTouch, go ahead and log in. Under the Forms and Documents section, you’ll find the enrollment form for soccer. If you need any further assistance, please give me a call at 516-935-2267 or email Best, Jason

      • lisa conlon

        thank you, so if i filled out the soccer permission slip online then she is all registered?



    I am unable to sign Tyler Rinzler up for the soccer clinic. The register now for soccer button just keeps bringing me back to the login page and/or it brings me to the camp enrollment page. The camp enrollment page tells me he is already registered in camp, but not soccer clinic.

    I have tried the below link which brings me to the camp enrollment page:

    Please feel free to contact me at 516-698-5610.

    Thank you

      • Mariellen

        I am having the same trouble. No form available for me to download & complete. Harrison really wants to join soccer. Please advise. Hope its not too late.

        • campsrus

          Hi Mariellen, the form was due by the first day of camp. You can still sign up by contacting your Program Director on campus, pending availability.

  11. Medeline Fenelon

    I would like to enroll my son Donovan for Soccer Clinic but cannot locate form to register him. It is my intention to enroll him in Soccer clinics. Please sign Donovan if there is availability.

  12. Kerry Ferrer

    Hi. I submitted the permission for the soccer clinic back in April but online it shows as expired. Can you help me get my daughter Mia into this program? Thank you.


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