1st & 2nd Grade


Once campers arrive in our grade-based divisions, they are very active and can’t wait to play! 1st & 2nd graders are ready for the full range of camp activities, and we offer a diverse curriculum with programming that introduces campers to mainstream sports, enhanced creative arts, and technology-based activities.

Campers thrive in a very active camp setting, with a low camper to staff ratio. Focus is given to physical and emotional development through non-competitive play and campers are encouraged to try new things without the risk typically associated with failure.

Camper-to-Staff Ratio: 7

Developmental Milestones

Campers in Division 12 are stimulated with activities that help them to improve their agility, balance and coordination. Staff offer frequent support and reassurance during activities that provide some difficulty, and campers are encouraged to push through boundaries to achieve success. New friendships are often developed at camp, and campers are encouraged to share their interests with the group. It’s important for children at this age to realize that everyone is unique, and that’s what makes us all special.

Daily Activities

Division 12 programming introduces campers to the broad spectrum of camp activities while also offering certain exclusive activities designed specifically for campers of this age.

In our enhanced Arts & Crafts program, campers create keepsake artwork . Hands-on projects include kites, bead crafts, photo frames, key chains, treasure boxes and magnets.

Creativity is also expressed through a unique assortment of thematic crafts, based upon special events during the summer. Our campers’ masterpieces are displayed throughout the campus or brought home for their parents’ private art collections!

With our indoor and outdoor athletics program, we teach campers the fundamentals of many mainstream sports, modified to be accessible to campers who are still in the learning stages of their physical development.

Daily skill builders and games help campers to build self-confidence in an atmosphere that promotes fun, participation and teamwork. Activities include: Soccer, Wiffle Ball, Broom Ball, PoisonBall, Street Games, Kickball, Pedal Go-Karts, Basketball, Relay Races and more.

Campers in Division 12 can’t wait to get their little hands on the awesome array of goodies in the game room. We’re talking about games including: Bumper Pool, Foosball, Ping Pong, Nok Hockey, Board Games, Puzzles, RC Cars and Video Games. All games are age and size appropriate, and ready to be played to the max!

Division 12 campers enjoy recreational swims in the kiddie and intermediate pools and interactive “Splash Zone” at our off-campus pool facilities.

With specialized equipment, including lighter balls and bumpers, at the ready, campers feel comfortable bowling at our off-campus facilities.

A note about swimming: All campers in Division 12 are considered non-swimmers, and as such, must be in water that is less than chest deep. Because our swim program is recreational, campers are not assessed for swimming ability or offered instruction.

Camps ‘R’ Us off-campus trips take campers to some of the most popular venues on Long Island. Our most recent venues included: Adventureland, Cradle of Aviation Museum and Celebrations in Kitchen.

Camps ‘R’ Us has many traditions that have become part of the fabric of our camp community. We celebrate these special events on various days during the summer, and campers participate at a level that is appropriate for their specific age and abilities. These special days augment the daily activity schedule, and are indicated on your campus calendar. Traditions include: Crazy Hat Day, Picture Day, Wild ‘n Wacky Challenge, Color War, Shades’ BIG Shindig, Pinewood Derby and Talent Show.

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