What to Bring

Everyday for Camp

The following items are essential for every camper, every day.

Clothing Requirements
Shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, and socks must be worn on a daily basis. All clothing and personal equipment (glasses, hat, towel, sunscreen, etc.) must be labeled or marked with the camper’s name and group name.

We recommend that campers come to camp with their bathing suit and towel on non-swimming days, because activities are planned that will get them wet.

Each camper will receive a complimentary Camps ‘R’ Us Backpack, which should be used to transport the bathing suit, towel and other personal belongings brought to camp. Please check your child’s backpack daily for notices and any other information sent home from camp.

Campers should not wear jewelry of any kind to camp, as it poses a risk to their safety. Makeup and perfume/cologne are also discouraged.

Sneakers are required footwear.
Campers should wear athletic footwear that provides complete foot protection. Sneakers should tie with laces or Velcro® straps. Slip on style footwear is not recommended.

The following footwear is unacceptable for camp:

    • Sandals, thongs or flip-flops
    • Crocs
    • HEELYS®

If your child comes to camp without proper footwear, you will be called to bring their sneakers to camp before they can participate in any activity.

Apply sunscreen before camp.

Sunscreen should be applied at home about 20 minutes prior to departing for camp. Our staff will reapply automatically for campers in our junior divisions (grade 2 and lower), and at your request for campers in our senior divisions (grades 3 and up). If you prefer, please send in a labeled bottle of sunscreen for your child.

Camps ‘R’ Us provides sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 50, and complete UVA/UVB protection.

Camps ‘R’ Us programs and activities enable campers to be outdoors for much of the camp day, and we are determined to teach every camper about sun safety so that they can play safely throughout their summer at camp, and also at home.

SunWise is an initiative by the Environmental Protection Agency that provides schools, camps and other organizations with the tools they need to promote sun safety among children.

Each summer, campers participate in fun activities that teach them the importance of being “sun wise,” including the recognition of harmful UV rays, the proper use of sunscreen, and finding a shady spot to rest on hot sunny days.

Pack an ample, healthy lunch.
 A typical camper lunch includes a sandwich, snack and drink.

Campers must “brown bag” their lunch, which is kept refrigerated until eaten. Please make sure the brown bag is labeled with the camper’s name and group name.

Please do not send your child to camp with a lunch box or cooler.
These items are too large to be accommodated by our refrigerators, and they have a tendency to get lost. We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged.

Camps ‘R’ Us provides an unlimited supply of flavored and unflavored drinks throughout the camp day. Drink stations are set up in various locations on campus, and each group has scheduled drink breaks. Our drinks are a low-sugar blend, infused with vitamins and minerals to keep our campers well hydrated throughout the day. Campers receive a reusable stainless steel water bottle that may be refilled throughout the day.

Campers also receive a snack every day during Wind Down. Snacks are prepackaged Frito Lay brand snacks.

For the safety of all campers, the following food and beverage items are prohibited at camp:

    • Glass Bottles
    • Aluminum Cans
    • Carbonated Beverages (i.e. soda, Red Bull, etc.)
    • Chewing Gum
    • Candy (i.e. chocolate, candy bars, lollipops, suckers, gummies, etc.)


Off-Campus Activities

The following items are essential for campers when they are scheduled to travel off-campus.

Camps 'R' Us T-Shirt
Each camper will receive one (1) complimentary Camps ‘R’ Us T-Shirt (Voyagers will receive two).

The camp t-shirt must be worn on Swimming & Bowling days, and for Optional Trips. Campers who arrive on campus without their Camps ‘R’ Us T-Shirt will be given one automatically and $12.50 will be charged to your account.

You may purchase additional t-shirts for $12.50 each at your campus once the camp season begins. Supplies are limited, and certain sizes may be out of stock very quickly.

Campers will need the following items for swimming days:

    • Appropriate Swimwear
      For boys, trunks are preferable, and should be worn as shorts for the day. For girls, a one piece swimsuit is preferable, and it should be worn underneath camp attire. Both boys and girls will have the opportunity to change out of swimwear at the end of the activity.
    • Sneakers
      Sandals, flip-flops or Crocs may be worn on the pool deck only. Sneakers are required at all other times, both on and off-campus. Footwear is not allowed in the pool.
    • Towel, Lunch & Backpack
      Please label all items with the camper’s name and group name.

Campers should not bring spending money on swimming and bowling days. Purchasing items from the snack bar is discouraged. Use of vending machines, video games and ATM machines is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, we will not be responsible for the misuse or loss of money during the camp day.