Our Role and Responsibility Navigating Through COVID-19

Dear Parents, Campers and Staff,

We hope this correspondence finds you well.

The safety and health of Campers, Staff, and Family is always the highest priority at Camps ‘R’ Us. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to provide you with information regarding the precautions Camps ‘R’ Us is taking to prioritize the health, wellbeing and safety of our Camp Community.

While the COVID-19 virus poses no immediate concerns for camps, Camps ‘R’ Us has communicable disease plans in place that will be revised in cooperation with the public health authorities as additional guidance is provided. Camps ‘R’ Us is, and will, work closely with the Nassau and Suffolk County Departments of Health in addition to the American Camp Association to maintain effective protocols for the identification and appropriate treatment of any illnesses that may occur at camp. Our daily arrival screening procedures have been, and will continue to be, updated to reflect the current best practices recommended by the Nassau and Suffolk County Departments of Health and the American Camp Association.

We appreciate your understanding that as a member of our Camp Community, your experience may look and feel different as we navigate through this time together. We are planning to keep our regular operations intact across our 10 Long Island locations, though we may need to cancel or postpone pre-season events and open houses.

We are a little over 100 days away from the start of the 2020 camp season, and we are already taking precautionary steps in response to this developing public health impact, including researching the best practices for cleaning and sanitizing procedures at our main office and at all of our campuses. We are also scheduling conferences with our Directors to prepare them to quickly respond to any emerging situation with the recommendations of the Nassau and Suffolk County Departments of Health and the American Camp Association.

Thank you for being part of our Camp Community. We intend to remain transparent, as always, and will keep you up to date on the latest information at campsrus.org/blog.

We are grateful for our place in your family’s life, and that you choose to spend your summers with us.

We look forward to seeing you this summer.

Warm regards,

Joanne and Gary Turnier
Founders, Directors
Camps R Us


7 Responses to “Our Role and Responsibility Navigating Through COVID-19”

  1. Liselle Brown

    Good Morning Joanne and Gary-
    Thank you for the update in light of COVID19. As a parent and with the recently announced impact of the virus on children, how can the camp guarantee a thoroughly sanitized environment?
    Also, will the camp follow CDC guidelines for reopening? I think a parent forum is in order.
    Please stay well and Thank you,

    • campsrus

      Hi Liselle, thanks for reaching out. There are no guarantees, though we are confident that our developing plans for reopening will include the best practices in cleaning and disinfecting our campuses. We are following CDC guidance, and awaiting further operating guidelines from the Department of Health. In addition, American Camp Association is developing a standardized field guide for camps, with assistance from numerous public health professionals, which is expected to be published by mid-May. We are aware of the effects COVID can have on children, and our reopening plan includes processes for daily screenings, wellness checks, social cohorts, and social distancing as needed. We also plan to have PPE available as needed for Staff and Campers. We are working on updated programming, and adjusting activities, equipment deployment, and supplies usage to align with recommended healthy practices and to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Thankfully, we have always made the health and safety of our campers a top priority, and our health practices have always met or exceeded local, state and national standards. We will be updating the entire Camps ‘R’ Us Community as we learn more and our policies develop. Thank you, Jason

      • Liselle Brown

        Thank you Jason-
        The anxiety for working parents who may have to rely on camps and other daycare services can be unnerving.
        Please continue to post updates following the May 15 ‘staggered’ Reopening.

        • campsrus

          Hi Liselle, we’re going to share everything we know as we learn more. I am confident that we will be open, just waiting to see how guidance from the state will shape the program. We’re here for you and everyone else who needs us this summer. Best, Jason

  2. Steven Seleznow

    Hello Joanne and Gary! Hope your families are safe and well at this crazy time in our lives. Our son Matthew has been a camper since 2011. Matt has been home for 9 weeks now from school. Our family vacation has been canceled in July. Usually may1 is the cutoff if we decided not to send him to camp this year. Is this being extended until we see and hear new developments from the governor and health officials. Now that children are getting ill it is a huge concern. TY

    • campsrus

      Hi Steve, thanks for reaching out. We’re doing well, all things considered, and hope the same for you and your family. We’ve extended the time you can request changes to enrollment, now through June 1st, and likely after that date as families figure out what’s best for their children this summer. Our open letter, at campsrus.org/campiscoming goes into a bit more detail. We too are monitoring the developing news about how this virus can affect children, and working with American Camp Association to develop best practices to help keep everyone healthy and safe this summer. Please feel free to email me with additional questions or concerns at info@campsrus.org. — All the best, Jason

      • Steven Seleznow

        TY Jason for getting back to us. I left a message on your phone but you can disregard since you answered one important question. Looking forward for updates. TY


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