Lunch Ordering

Lunch Ordering Available twice per week

We are proud to be partnered with My Hot Lunchbox for our camp lunch service! With this program, you can order your camper’s favorite meals from restaurants they know and love. See below for more information on how to sign up and order lunch. 

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create an Account” under “Customer”
  3. Fill in all required fields to create your account
  4. Once you’ve created your account, add a Profile for each camper you are planning to order for this summer.



How can I see what’s on the camp lunch menu? 

Once you have created your free account, you can view daily menus on the Lunch Calendar by selecting the day of the week and the profile you’d like to place an order for. You can also view any pending or paid orders by selecting the My Cart tab on the left sidebar. 

When do I need to place my lunch order? 

The deadline to add, edit, or cancel an order is 12 PM (noon) the day before delivery.

How do I place an order for lunch? 

Log into your My Hot Lunchbox account, click on the Lunch Calendar, and select the day and profile you would like to place an order for. This will populate the lunch menu and you can select the items you would like to order. Once the items are selected, click the Add to Order button and your meal(s) will be added to your cart. You can continue placing orders for future dates or you can click on the My Cart tab and proceed to checkout and pay for the meals. 

Helpful tip: If you would like to repeat the same meal for a specific day of the week for the summer, check the repeat box in the lower-left corner. You are also able to process all meals and have your card charged weekly by selecting “Activate Subscription” under My Cart/Subscription

Is there an app available for ordering lunch? 

Yes! The My Hot Lunchbox app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play

For in-depth tutorials on using the My Hot Lunchbox ordering platform, please visit 

For any additional questions or concerns regarding lunch, please contact My Hot Lunchbox at (888) 894-8295 or email