Our New Web Site

On Sunday, September 4, 2011 we launched our new web site at CampsRUs.org. Designed, built and tested 100% in house, the site is the culmination of weeks of work, and we are very proud of it. CampsRUs.org has always been a great tool for families to learn about Camps ‘R’ Us, and now it is better than ever.

When we designed the new site, we focused on making it informative and easy to read. It is also very easy to navigate, with most information accessible from the home page. There are many new features of the new CampsRUs.org as well, including enhanced location information, program information, photos and social media.

The all new CampsRUs.org is the ultimate resource for everything about Camps ‘R’ Us, and it will be enhanced even more in the coming weeks and months. We look forward to adding content to the web site, including news, photos and videos.

If you have any suggestions for the all new CampsRUs.org, [tip title=”Contact Us” url=”contact”]please let us know![/tip]


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