Parent Walkthroughs

This summer, we’re offering Parents of currently enrolled Campers the opportunity to walkthrough their campus, guided by Camp Directors and Staff Members, so they have the opportunity to become oriented (or re-oriented) to the camp experience before camp begins.

Walkthrough Dates and Times

Each campus has a scheduled walkthrough that begins promptly at the time indicated. Please arrive on time, 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. Follow the same traffic pattern as described in the 2022 Parent Guide and on your Campus Information Page.

BaldwinSaturdayJune 25th1 PM
BellmoreWednesdayJune 22nd7 PM
Deer ParkSaturdayJune 25th3 PM
East RockawayFridayJune 24th5 PM
FarmingdaleSundayJune 26th12 PM
HicksvilleSaturdayJune 25th11 AM
MelvilleSaturdayJune 25th4 PM
St. JamesThursdayJune 23rd7 PM
SyossetSaturdayJune 25th1 PM
Valley StreamSaturdayJune 25th1 PM
Williston ParkSaturdayJune 25th12 PM

What to Expect During the Walkthrough

Campuses will be in the midst of setting up for the summer, so camp may not look exactly as it will during the camp season. Most of the Campus Staff will be present. Group Leader and Activity Staff assignments are finalized, in general, though Group Counselor and Junior Counselor assignments may not be finalized at the time of your walkthrough.

Campers may join their Parents during the walkthrough, though camp activities will not be open or supervised during this time. Parents are asked to actively supervise their children at all times during the walkthrough.

Camp Staff have allotted time for a brief Q&A at the end of each walkthrough, and there will be a live Q&A with BIG JAY for all Current and Future Families scheduled in the week leading up to camp.