Testimonial 1

My children have been attending your Bellmore location for a few years now and I have to say it truly is a wonderful environment for children of all ages.

The “I Got Caught” program to many may seem like a small thing but made a big impact on my children. It really teaches the children that doing good things gets recognition and that people are watching your behavior even in the summer when you are at camp having fun.

The trips of course always make the week fun for the kids but even non-trip weeks the kids look forward to waking up early and getting ready to go to Camps ‘R’ Us. All of the activities that you brought to the camp are just wonderful. The talent show of course is my favorite because I get to see the children in the camp and with their friends.

And, finally, the Camps ‘R’ Us staff!!! You couldn’t have picked a better group to run the summer program. Each and every one of the staff members that I have dealt with always meets or exceeds my expectations. They are all warm and caring people that really go out of their way to make everyday a fun filled day for all the children.

Thank you for a wonderful summer!!!

  • August 29, 2011

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