The Early Bird Gets the Discounts

With the introduction of the new, we’re also announcing the opening of Early Bird Enrollment for Summer 2012. We know, we know… summer just ended and we’re already talking about next summer. It’s true, and we spend ten months planning for the most important two.

If you enroll early, you’re rewarded with significant savings. For example, returning families receive a 7.5% discount just for enrolling in September. If you pay in full, the discount doubles to 15%. Plus, early bird discounts can be combined with [tip title=”Check out all the discounts!” url=”discounts”]every other discount[/tip] that we offer.

That can add up to unbelievable savings, just for enrolling early. Since you plan on sending your child to camp anyway, why not take advantage of the best savings opportunity of the year?

This is your best chance to save a bundle. Don’t miss out!


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