Forms & Documents

Camps ‘R’ Us Staff Members are responsible for completing a series of forms and documents related to their employment.

Future Staff

When applying for a position at Camps ‘R’ Us, please complete the Staff Application including three references, which we will contact electronically on your behalf based on the information you provide. If you requested more information about a position at camp via social media or a third-party website like Indeed, you must still complete a Staff Application in order to apply for a position with us.

Preparing for Your Interview

Once we receive and review your Staff Application, a Director will reach out to you by email to schedule a personal interview. Whether your interview is online, or in person, it is prudent to have the following documents prepared, and either forwarded ahead of your scheduled interview or brought with you to your appointment:

  • Resume or CV
  • Working Papers (if you are under 18 years old)
  • Letters of Recommendation

Here are some additional tips as you prepare for your interview:

Dress appropriately.
Attire for a Camps ‘R’ Us interview is startup casual. As a uniformed Staff in the summer, we like to balance our fun work environment with a relaxed, but professional look.

Arrive on time.
Just like at camp, we like our Staff to be completely prepared before starting a new activity. Being on time means arriving 5-10 minutes early so that you are completely prepared to be interviewed. Adjust your travel accommodations accordingly to allow for circumstances that may delay your arrival.

Be prepared.
Come to your interview with knowledge about Camps ‘R’ Us. Read the information on our web site, learn about the position for which you are applying, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before and during your interview. If you don’t understand anything, please contact the Human Resources Director prior to your interview.

Current Staff

Once you’re hired to work at camp, you’ll have two weeks to electronically sign and return your Staff Contract, which will be available in your camp account. After your Staff Contract is returned, you’ll also have the following medical forms to complete within another two weeks:

  • Health History
  • Physical Exam
  • Immunizations

Records of physical exam and immunizations may be forms generated by your healthcare provider, and do not need to be the forms provided by Camps ‘R’ Us. Your most recent physical exam must be current, and performed within one year of the first day of camp. If you need to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider in order to have current records on file, you can inform your Campus Director, who will give you an extension to the typical document return deadline.

How to Return Staff Forms & Documents

Camp Staff can upload all required forms and documents through their camp account, using either the CampInTouch or Campanion App platforms.

Additional Forms and Documents

Camp Staff complete their payroll “onboarding” online, including direct deposit, tax information and withholdings.

All Camp Staff have their background screened on an annual basis, including checks of the National Sex Offender Public Registry, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Registry, and Federal, State and County Criminal Background Checks through a third-party consumer reporting agency. Any negative or potentially questionable information reported to Camps ‘R’ Us as a result of these screenings may impact your ability to work at camp.

Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Human Resources Director.