Who We Hire

The quality of our summer camps is directly related to the quality of our Staff.

Jason Turnier, Managing Director

Staffing Philosophy

We understand that the most important element in guaranteeing a successful summer camp program is having the best staff. We provide campers with a staff that is the most qualified, the most experienced and the most child-focused to be found anywhere in camp industry.

How is this possible? We only hire the best.

Directors, Group Leaders and Senior Staff Members are teachers, college and graduate students studying and/or working in early childhood, secondary or physical education. We also employ exceptional high school and college students as Counselors.

Our seasonal staff has a high return rate year after year, as we continue to provide them with an opportunity to work in a fun, safe and positive camp environment with plenty of growth opportunities.

To join Camps ‘R’ Us as a seasonal employee, candidates must have prior experience working with children, complete an in-depth employment application, be interviewed by a Camps ‘R’ Us Director, complete our rigorous staff training program, and pass a series of background checks.

The Most Qualified

Each prospective Staff Member must complete a detailed staff application documenting a background in childcare and in skills pertinent to summer day camp programming. A thorough background check is conducted, and each candidate is carefully interviewed in a lengthy personal discussion with a Camps ‘R’ Us Director. Our entire Staff is required to participate in an extensive pre-camp training and orientation program.

The Most Experienced

We are proud to employ people who are the most experienced in the camp industry. Our Counselors are among the best and brightest high school and college students. Our Group Leaders and Activity Leaders are the next generation of exceptional teachers, coaches and administrators. Our Directors are successful educators, school administrators, community leaders and parents.

The Most Child Oriented

At Camps ‘R’ Us, our Staff’s natural interest in young people is best realized by maintaining the smallest Camper-to-Counselor ratio to be found in any summer day camp. The safety and supervision of our campers is our top priority, and our highly experienced and professional staff is committed to providing campers with a happy and healthy experience.

Interested in working at camp?

We’re hiring, and we’re looking for talented, motivated, hard-working people like you.

Whether you’re looking to spend time working with friends, parlay your work experience into some college credit or internship hours, or want to have your evenings and weekends free for social activities, we’ve got the job for you.

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