Getting Ready for Camp

It’s important to be prepared for the camp season, including having the proper clothing, footwear, swimsuits, sunscreen and other items ready before the end of June, when camp begins. By planning ahead, you can have all the essentials taken care of, and set your Camper up for a positive experience that starts with your morning routine at home.

What to Wear to Camp

For daily attire, we recommend that Campers dress comfortably in a t-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers

Off Campus Attire and Camp T-Shirt

On days when we travel off-campus (swimming and field trips), Campers are required to wear an official Camps ‘R’ Us T-shirt. Campers receive two complimentary t-shirts at the beginning of their session. 

Additional t-shirts may be purchased at your campus, beginning the day after shirts are first distributed, for a fee of $10, while supplies last. Campers who are not wearing their Camps ‘R’ Us t-shirt on a day when traveling off-campus will be provided one (if available), and your camp account will be billed the $10 fee. 


Campers must wear footwear that provides protection for their feet. Sneakers should tie with laces or Velcro® straps. We do not recommend slip-on sneakers. Sandals, Crocs®, Heelys®, or flip-flops (except on swimming days while at the pool) are not allowed to be worn at camp. If your Camper arrives at camp without proper footwear, they will not be able to participate in any physical activities until proper footwear is brought to camp for them.

We recommend a pair of water shoes or old sneakers to be used for water play, as Campers must have footwear on their feet for on campus water activities.

Swimsuits and Additional Items

A swimsuit is recommended daily for camp, as well as a beach towel. Campers may wear their swimsuit to camp under their clothes, or change into it at camp. Please be sure to pack a Ziploc® style or plastic bag to stow wet swimsuits and towels once water play or swimming activities are completed for the day.

Other Items to Consider 

It is recommended that Tiny Tots® and KinderKamp® Campers have a change of clothes stored at camp, in case of emergency. Please consider sending in an additional t-shirt, shorts, pair of socks, and two underwear in a shoebox or similar container, labeled with your child’s name and group name. Tiny Tots must be fully toilet trained for camp.

Campers should not wear jewelry of any kind to camp, as it poses a risk to their safety. Makeup, perfumes and colognes are also discouraged.

Labeling Clothing and Personal Items

Make sure all clothing and personal items (glasses, hat, towel, sunscreen, etc.) are labeled with your child’s name and group name. 

For your convenience, we have partnered with Oliver’s Labels to provide easy ordering right from your camp account. We also have a partnership with Label Daddy, which offers some different and fun label designs as well.


It is important to apply sunscreen at home before you depart for camp in the morning. A base coat of sunscreen, applied to cool, dry skin, is a Camper’s first line of defense against UV exposure. Camp Staff help Campers to reapply sunscreen at key points in the camp day, and we provide 50+ SPF sunscreen at camp with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

What to Bring to Camp 

Campers are provided with a complimentary Camps ‘R’ Us backpack and water bottle at the start of every camp season. 

Camp Backpack

We recommend stowing your child’s gear, water bottle and anything else they bring to camp in their backpack, clearly labeled with their name and group name. Please avoid sending Campers in with money, valuables, electronics, and toys. Weapons, including toy weapons (i.e. water guns), are also prohibited at camp.


Water and naturally sweetened drinks are available throughout the camp day. Drink stations are set up in various locations on campus, and each group has regularly scheduled drink breaks throughout the day. Campers are encouraged to refill their camp water bottle, and disposable cups are also available.


Generally, Campers “brown bag” their lunch, which is kept refrigerated until eaten. Please label the bag with the child’s name and group name. Reusable bags are also acceptable. Please do not send your child with a lunch box or cooler, or any of the following food/beverage items:

  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Chewing gum
  • Candy
  • Lollipops

Additional Lunch Information

Lunch may be provided during special events or at off campus venues as part of our camp programming. You may also receive information about pre-ordering, or giving your child the option to purchase lunch at off campus venues during the summer.


While we’re on the subject of food at camp, let’s review our snack program.

Campers receive an individually packaged snack every day at approximately 4:00 PM.  Campers who are attending a half day or mini day will receive a snack to take home at dismissal. Nutrition Facts are available for all camp snacks. If your child has any dietary restrictions or allergies, please provide us with the snacks you would like them to have at camp, and we will store them in a bin labeled with your child’s name and group.

Camper Cell Phone Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety, engagement, and social interaction of children attending Camps ‘R’ Us. By prohibiting cell phone usage during camp hours, we aim to foster a positive and immersive camp experience for all participants. Read the full policy by clicking here.