Employee Benefits

If you need more reasons why you should spend your summer working at Camps ‘R’ Us, check out our special programs and incentives for employees.

Earn College Credits

Take a college course designed just for Camps ‘R’ Us Staff that will offer you 3 transferable college credits. You can earn these credits while participating in a fully online asynchronous course designed to complement your work experience at camp. Time commitment is minimal outside of camp and this is a great option to earn general or education specific credits to the college you currently attend or plan to attend in future. By working at Camps ‘R’ Us, you are eligible for up to $250 in scholarships upon your successful completion of the program!

Summer Internship Program

Our internship program is a valuable resume builder and job reference tool for those looking ahead to employment after college. Whether you are pursuing a career in business, education, or any other youth serving profession, our internship program allows you to gain valuable hands on work experience while also learning a lot of the things not normally taught inside a classroom.

Resume Building Workshop

Working at camp can prepare you for success in any future career you may choose, but how do you best represent your camp experience on your resume? We’ve got the answer, and we offer a free resume building workshop every summer that also includes tips on how to shine during the hiring process and interview at your dream job.

Refer a Friend Program

For every friend you refer to work at Camps ‘R’ Us, you will receive an additional $100 bonus to your pay. Make sure your friend includes your name in the “How did you hear about us?” field on their job application, and for every one of your referrals who is hired and successfully completes the camp season, we will give you an extra $100 bonus!

Work with a Friend Program

When you apply to work at Camps ‘R’ Us, you can request to be placed in the same program or activity as a friend who also works here or is planning to work here… just let us know during the interview process. The only thing more fun than spending a summer at camp is doing it with a friend!

Free Camp Tuition for Children of Senior Staff Members

When you work as a Senior Staff Member at Camps ‘R’ Us, your children can attend camp for free, or at a significantly reduced rate, and you still earn your full salary.

Salary Bonuses

Camp Staff can earn bonuses before and during the camp season. Specific bonus amounts vary by position and experience level. All bonuses are paid in the final payroll of the summer camp season, and include:

Returning Staff Signing Bonus

Complete your summer contract and required documentation within the allotted time for a $250 bonus. Available to all returning Staff from the previous camp season.

Training and Orientation Bonus

Complete all assigned training materials, and attend all your scheduled orientation programs and camp set up days.

Superlative Bonuses

Extra bonuses are awarded at the end of every camp season based on character, performance, and other fun and exciting categories.

$50 Weekly Perfect Attendance Bonus Raffle

Every week of camp, all Camps ‘R’ Us Staff who have perfect attendance (work every day, all day) will be entered into a raffle to win a $50 bonus. There is one raffle winner per campus, per week, selected randomly on the following Monday, from among Staff with perfect attendance. Previous winners have the chance to win more than once. 

Please inquire about employee benefits at your Staff Interview, or email info@campsrus.org.