Camps 'R' Us Saint James

Inaugural Season: 2018

Campus Director

Tiffany Kallman

Associate Director

Stacey Stevenson

Program Director

Meaghan McDonough

About our Saint James location

Just south of Route 25A/North Country Road, our Saint James campus is just two blocks south of Middle Country Road, and a short drive to Rt. 347 (Smithtown Bypass), NY Route 111, and the Long Island Railroad's Saint James station.

Getting there

From North Country Road, turn onto Clinton Ave and pull up to the school building so that your passenger door is facing the main entrance.

Campus Features:

Air Conditioning
Athletic Field
Ball Courts
First-Aid Center
Multi-Purpose Rooms


Programs Offered:

Ss. Phillip and James School

359 Clinton Ave
 Saint James, 
New York 
Camp Hours (Mon-Fri): 9:00AM–5:00 PM
Extended Hours (Mon-Fri): 7:30 AM–6:00 PM
Summer: (631) 250-9393