Optional Swim Testing for Campers 2024

Swim Program Overview

Camps ‘R’ Us offers a recreational swim program during the summer. Campers come to camp classified as “non-swimmers,” meaning that they must be in water that is less than chest deep whenever at the off-campus pool facilities.  In order for certain Campers to be considered “swimmers,” Camps ‘R’ Us has adopted a standardized swim test that may be administered by an independent certified swim instructor.

Campers are eligible for swim testing if they are currently in 1st grade or higher. Pre-season swim testing is optional for all enrolled Campers.

Campers who choose to swim test must do so in each new camp year based on Department of Health guidance.


Determine Your Camper’s Need for Swim Testing

Campers are NOT required to be swim tested in order to participate in the summer swim activities at Camps ‘R’ Us. This optional test is designed for Campers who want to be able to swim in water that is less than chin deep, as opposed to the default requirement, which is water that is less than chest deep.


Less than Chest Deep (non-swimmers)

The default swim classification for Campers is “non-swimmer,” which is not an actual determination of a Camper’s swimming ability. Rather, it is an understanding that Camps ‘R’ Us assumes that these Campers cannot swim, and therefore they must always be in water that is less than chest deep.


“Non-swimmers” in water that is less than chest deep with orange “non-swimmer” wristbands.


Less than Chin Deep (swimmers)

If a Camper passes the preseason swim test, they can be classified as a “swimmer,” which is a general ability designation that allows Campers to be in water that is less than chin deep.


“Swimmers” in water that is less than chin deep with blue “swimmer” wristbands.



What height does my child need to be in order to swim in the “big” pool?

Children generally need to be 10-12 inches taller than the pool water level in order to be “less than chest deep,” and 6-8 inches taller than the pool water level in order to be “less than chin deep.” Below is a list of pool water levels for each of our pools.

If you take you child’s height in inches and subtract the pool water level, you can determine if your child needs to be swim tested in order to be able to go in the “big pool.” Generally speaking, we recommend swim testing for children who are less than 10 inches taller than the pool water level. If your child is less than 6 inches taller than the pool water level, however, testing will not give them access to the “big pool” because they will not meet the “less than chin deep” requirement.

For example, a 10 year old 4th grader at the St. James Campus, who is 55 inches tall, does not need to be swim tested and can meet the less than chest deep requirement.


Pool Water Levels in the Main/Big Pool


    Swim Testing through another Public/Private Instructor

    In addition to offering swim testing through our preferred testing providers, Camps ‘R’ Us may accept swim test results from an independent testing provider, as long as the testing provider’s credentials are acceptable by the New York State Department of Health (please see the chart below).


    The swim testing provider’s certification must be one of those on this list.

    If you are planning to provide your child’s independent swim testing results, you must also include a copy of your testing provider’s certification card or certificate. The swim test results must be documented to include all the criteria of the swim test described below. Swim test results and your provider’s certification can be uploaded directly to your camp account.


    Swim Testing through a Camps ‘R’ Us Preferred Provider

    Parents who would like their Camper to be swim tested for the summer camp season may choose to have testing performed by one of our preferred providers.


    Preferred Providers

    Our preferred swim testing providers, Tom Arena (WSI, Freeport Rec Center) and Aquafinz are available for pre-season swim testing and swim lessons. No matter the results of the swim test, our testing providers always recommend that Campers take or continue with swim lessons until they are proficient swimmers.

    Tom Arena, WSI

    Freeport Recreation Center, call or text to schedule: 516-771-4185



    Testing Times, Locations, and Fees

    Each provider determines their schedule, testing location, and testing fees. Please contact the provider directly for additional information.


    The Swim Test

    In order to be classified a “swimmer” for the camp season, Campers must be able to do the following:

      1. Enter water and go completely under
      2. Recover to surface and remain there for a least 1 minute treading water or floating
      3. Turn themselves around and face where they are going to exit the water
      4. Swim for at least 25 yards on front or back
      5. Exit water


    Test Results

    Campers and their Family Member will be told if they passed or failed the test at the time of the test, and will receive a testing card. Families are responsible for uploading a copy of the testing card to their child’s camp account in order for the test result to be recorded.