Suffolk AME Discount Program


Our camp community is designed to be inclusive and available to everyone, and especially working families. 

Over the years, we’ve developed great relationships with our Camp Parents, and the companies where they work, partnering with dozens of local, regional, national, and international organizations to provide additional savings on camp fees for employees of partnering organizations.

These relationships have been mutually beneficial, to provide the benefit of discounted camp fees for hundreds of families, and to spread the word about the mission of Camps ‘R’ Us among members of our local communities.

We are pleased to add Suffolk AME to our ever-growing group of participating organizations, offering a special discount to members. Suffolk AME (Association of Municipal Employees) is the largest independent Union in Suffolk County. Representing more than 6,000 active and retired public employees, AME negotiates and enforces equitable contracts for its membership and helps ensure a skilled, dedicated, and educated workforce for Suffolk County.

Suffolk AME Discount Program

Camp Parents who are members of the Suffolk AME will be eligible for savings of 5% per Camper when they enroll and upload proof of membership to their camp account. This savings will be applicable in addition to all other published discounts offered by Camps ‘R’ Us, including the traditional workforce discounts, sibling discounts, and seasonal registration discounts.

For example, if a member enrolls their child for the 8-week summer in 2022, the savings would be $175. For two children, it would be $330, in addition to a sibling discount and any additional applicable discounts.

Terms and Conditions of the Proposed Discount Program


Discount is applicable once per qualifying camper per camp season. Proof of membership is required in the form of a letter from Suffolk AME or other agreed upon credential. You must submit proof of membership no later than 10 business days after you submit your child’s Camper Application for the discount to be applied.

Timeliness of Discount Submissions

Discounts are not applicable for late submissions. Submission date is calculated as follows: for online applications, it is the date the form is submitted. For faxed/emailed applications, it is the transmission date of the fax/email. For mailed applications, it is the date of the postmark. For applications submitted in person, it is the date the application is handed to a Camps ‘R’ Us Staff Member.

Custodial Parents or Legal Guardians

Discount is applicable only for Campers whose Custodial Parent or Legal Guardian (must be listed on the Camper’s application) is an active member of Suffolk AME at the time of enrollment. Proof of membership is required every camp season.