Theatre Dance

Rhythms of Broadway

Dance (for Musical Theatre)  is part of the Summer Stage Musical Theatre Program.

Campers will immerse themselves in the exhilarating world of musical theatre dance. Activities are designed to cater to various skill levels, making it a fun and inclusive experience for all participants.

Warm-up routines focus on flexibility, strength, and rhythm – key components for any budding dancer. Following warm-upz, Campers are introduced to a range of dance styles commonly seen in musical theatre, such as jazz, tap, and contemporary. This exploration helps Campers understand the diversity and adaptability required in musical theatre performances.

Our skilled instructors will then teach a choreographed routine from a popular Broadway show, breaking down the steps and movements to ensure every Camper can follow along. This segment emphasizes not just the technical aspects of dance but also the importance of expressing character and story through movement.

As the Campers rehearse the routine, instructors circulate, offering tips and personalized guidance to enhance performance and technique. This hands-on approach ensures that each Camper feels supported and encouraged in their dance journey.

Towards the end of the session, the campers come together to perform the choreographed pieces as part a larger production. This performance is not only a chance to showcase their newly learned skills but also a celebration of teamwork and the joy of dance.

Campers will gain a deeper appreciation of dance in musical theatre, develop their dance skills, and most importantly, have a blast expressing themselves through movement. It’s a dynamic and memorable part of our Summer Stage musical theatre workshop that participants eagerly anticipate.

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