Early Childhood

Program Overview

At Camps ‘R’ Us, our early childhood program is designed to be a great starting point for young Campers to explore the wonders of the summer camp experience.

With structured play, planned activities, scheduled events, and so much more, the fun and excitement abounds every day at camp.

Tiny Tots®

Tiny Tots is designed to complement the unique complexities of early childhood, and introduces Nursery and Preschool age children to their first camp experience in a warm, caring, and supportive environment. The program is designed to develop a positive self-concept, while focusing on creativity, motor-skill development and imagination.

Our qualified teachers create an atmosphere of acceptance where the individual social, intellectual and emotional needs of each child are considered and supported.

The program is derived from the developmental approach to early childhood education that places emphasis on learning skills based outside of the classroom setting, which are geared to each child’s stage of readiness and development.

Our approach to learning recognizes the tremendous capacity and desire of the young child to discover and explore the environment of their immediate world, enabling them to convert natural curiosity into the 12-month learning process.

Campers thrive in an exceptionally supportive camp environment, with small group sizes, age appropriate curriculum, and an introduction to a wide variety of small and large motor activities.


Tiny Tots® includes Campers who are at least 3 years old and who have not yet completed Kindergarten.

All Campers must be fully toilet trained for camp. “Fully toilet trained” means that the child independently asks to go to the bathroom when needed, can sit themselves on the toilet, is able to wipe themselves, flush, and wash their hands.