New Snack Program for Summer 2022

Camps ‘R’ Us is pleased to introduce our new snack program for summer 2022.

Keeping in line with our recent initiatives to provide Campers and Staff with healthy snack options, we are transitioning to an entirely vegan snack program this summer, with fresh, raw vegetables being offered daily to Campers and Staff.

Why change our snack program?

We’re glad you asked! In recent years, we’ve come to realize that Campers and Staff may not be getting the federally recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in their diets. We feel compelled to help our camp community to be healthy, and to provide vegan snack options is one way we can do our part . Since fruits tend to spoil too quickly, we’ve decided to use hardy vegetables.

What about the delicious snacks you used to offer?

At camp, we used to provide snacks that our Campers and Staff loved. They were portioned appropriately, individually wrapped, and approved by the USDA as smart, healthy options. All of our snacks were also nut-free and many were allergy friendly. But, nothing is as healthy as raw vegetables, right?

Vegetables in the Colors of the Rainbow

This summer, as we roll out this new snack program, we’re offering 7 vegetable options, to afford everyone the opportunity to have a variety of veggie snacks throughout the summer, and to match the colors of the rainbow.

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Red Radishes
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Orange Carrots
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Yellow Summer Squash
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Green Kale
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Blue Potatoes

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Indigo Eggplant
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Violet Cauliflower

Questions About the New Snack Program

If you’re wondering about our decision to completely change our snack program, please direct your questions to our complaint department, We’ll be releasing the real snack choices for summer 2022 later this Spring.