Q&A with BIG JAY Podcast – March 18, 2022

Today, BIG JAY goes from podcast host to podcast guest and sits down with Bill McIntyre and Shawn Novatt from WHPC 90.3 FM.

Show Notes

Jason shares some of the history of camp, how camps navigated the pandemic, what’s in store for summer 2022, camp from a Parent Perspective, and information about job opportunities and new benefits for Staff.

Where You Can Listen

The show will air at 3:30 PM today on 90.3 FM, online at bit.ly/WHPClive, or you can download the WHPC app. Replay at 7:30 AM on Sunday, March 20th.

The podcast episode is available today at 4 PM at bit.ly/WHPCnews or wherever you get your podcasts. Search “WHPC This Week’s Long Island News.” Jason’s interview appears around the 29 minute mark in the show.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Shawn Novatt, a current Camps ‘R’ Us Hicksville Parent, for inviting Jason onto the show. We love spreading the word about our camp mission and vision, and appreciate this opportunity. Be sure to check out all the other great programming and content at 90.3 FM WHPC!