Referral Program Guidelines

Thank you!

Thank you for your help in telling others about Camps ‘R’ Us and in sharing with other families the important benefits of a summer camp experience in the development and enrichment of a child.

In order to have your referral considered, please read the following Referral Program Guidelines, complete a Camper Referral for each individual referral, and then submit them to our office. You will be notified of the status of your referral after it has been reviewed.

For a new camper to be considered as a referral, the camper referral form must be completely filled out and submitted via your CampInTouch Account. Please limit your submissions to those families that you have specifically recommended to Camps ‘R’ Us. A $100 referral credit will be applied to your Camps ‘R’ Us account for each new camper who enrolls in any camp session in 2021. This family credit may be used to pay for any camp fees incurred before or during the 2022 camp season. Credit will not be extended beyond the value of your child/ren(s) camp fees for the summer of 2022. Credit cannot be transferred to other families.

The $100 referral credit will be applied only if the following criteria are met:

  1. The new camper must be enrolled in any session in 2021 and attend camp.
  2. This must be the new camper’s first time attending Camps ‘R’ Us.
  3. A new camper may not be referred by an immediate family member, or by someone living in the same household.
  4. Both the referred and referring family must be enrolled in the 2021 camp season.
  5. The referring family’s account and the new camper’s account must be paid in full in accordance with the Camps ‘R’ Us Camper Application Terms and Conditions.

Referral credit will be awarded on a first-referral basis (i.e. if two families refer the same new camper, credit will be awarded to the family that submits the completed form first). Credits will be applied for campers who enroll prior to the start of the current camp season.

If you have any questions regarding the Referral Program, please contact us.