Melodies on Stage

Singing  is part of the Summer Stage Musical Theatre Program.

Our captivating singing activities within our musical theatre workshop are designed to develop and enhance the vocal abilities of our Campers. This activity is tailored for young performers of all skill levels, providing an encouraging and educational environment for budding vocalists.

Sessions begin with vocal warm-ups and exercises that focus on breathing techniques, pitch control, and vocal range expansion. These foundational practices are essential for building a strong, versatile singing voice, crucial in musical theatre.

Following the warm-ups, Campers are introduced to a selection of iconic songs from popular musicals. These songs are chosen not only for their appeal but also for their ability to teach various aspects of musical theatre singing, such as storytelling through song, emotional expression, and character interpretation.

Each Camper selects a song that resonates with them, and under the guidance of our experienced vocal coach, they work on mastering the melody, lyrics, and emotional depth of the piece. The coaches provide individual feedback and tips on aspects like phrasing, dynamics, and articulation, helping each student to develop their unique singing style.

In addition to solo work, there is a focus on ensemble singing, where Campers learn to harmonize and blend their voices with others. This group aspect of singing fosters teamwork and camaraderie among the participants.

Campers showcase their voices as part of two performances during the summer, a cabaret-style show at the end of the first two weeks, and in a full scale Broadway-style production at the end of six weeks. This performance is not just a display of their vocal talent but also a celebration of their hard work, confidence, and progress.

Through this immersive singing experience, Campers not only improve their vocal skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for the power of song in storytelling. Singing is a highlight of our musical theatre workshop, leaving lasting memories and a strong foundation for aspiring young vocalists.

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