C2 Program

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The C2 (Camper 2 Counselor) Program is for campers who have completed 7th, 8th or 9th grade. It’s our version of a Counselor-In-Training program, designed specifically to assist in the transition from camper to staff member.

C2s are given the opportunity to take part in “real world” training, under the direct mentorship of a Camps ‘R’ Us counselor. During the summer, they are assigned to a group in a younger camper division to assist with programming and activities. Skills learned as a C2 include group management, leadership, and character building.

C2s are offered the opportunity to further their training experience by enrolling in an optional First Aid and CPR course.This training course is a modified version of the training received by Camps ‘R’ Us Health Designees, and it is available for an additional fee. Details and enrollment information will be distributed on campus during the summer

The skills developed as a C2 help campers dramatically as they prepare to become a Camps ‘R’ Us staff member. Campers who successfully complete this program are eligible for our Junior Counselor Internship once they complete 10th grade.

C2s have a significant competitive advantage when applying for a position at Camps ‘R’ Us, including an eligibility exemption that allows them to work at camp two years earlier than applicants who did not complete the program.

The C2 Program has an extremely limited enrollment at every campus. If you are interested in this program, please complete your enrollment as soon as possible.

Program Features

The Camps ‘R’ Us C2 Program offers campers the perfect opportunity to develop their leadership skills in an environment designed for success.

The C2 program is designed specifically to help campers build leadership skills by immersing them in a hands-on training experience. At each campus, our Program Directors moderate the C2 program with the assistance of Group Leaders.

Each C2 is mentored by a Counselor, who is responsible for the C2 in the same way as a camper. C2s are campers, and as such, they are supervised like campers.

C2s spend most of their day with their mentor and his or her group, but part of the day is reserved for free time, during which C2s can relax and experience camp activities from the perspective of a camper. Free time also allows for increased socialization and gives C2s time to share and reflect upon what they have been learning.

C2 Free Time is scheduled at the discretion of the Program Director, and may include up to four activity periods on a given day. Free time is also available on swimming & bowling days and off-campus trips.

C2s have the option to remain with their mentor, or to swim and bowl with other C2s as part of Free Time.

C2s may be assessed for swimming ability by our American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors. If they can swim, C2s have access to the “big” pool and water slides at our off-campus facilities.

Our off-campus bowling centers create a “rock ‘n bowl” experience for our older campers, complete with animated flat-screen scoreboards, glow-in-the-dark bowling balls, and popular tunes broadcast throughout the center. Bumpers are also available if needed.

A note about swimming: C2s have the option to be swim-tested. Swimmers have access to most pool facilities at the discretion of the Aquatics Director. Campers who are not swim-tested, or who fail the swim test are considered non-swimmers, and as such, must be in water that is less than chest deep.

Camps ‘R’ Us off-campus trips take campers to some of the most popular venues on Long Island.

Our most recent venues included: C&B Archery, Island Rock, Pole Position Raceway, and a New York Mets Baseball Game*.

*Bonus Trip (additional consent and payment required)

Camps ‘R’ Us has many traditions that have become part of the fabric of our camp community. We celebrate these special events on various days during the summer, and campers participate at a level that is appropriate for their specific age and abilities. These special days augment the daily activity schedule, and are indicated on your campus calendar.

Traditions include: Crazy Hat Day, Picture Day, Wild ‘n Wacky Challenge, Color War, Shades’ BIG Shindig, Pinewood Derby and Talent Show.

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